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274                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

Pray look among my papers for all his pre-
cious letters, and put them carefully together.
Happy is the farmer whose son learns to plough
his land, and remains with him till his dying

T. has written to you, but you want nobodyJs
counsels or exhortations to keep up your fortitude
under this severest of all trials. I think I shall
be able to bear it, and not break down, though
the mask I am obliged to put on, and the efforts
I am forced to make not to annoy those I see,
are an amazing strain upon my heart.

April loth.

I must write, though I have nothing to say,
except that your gentle, soothing letter has in
some measure calmed my agitated mind. That
you are resigned to the will of the Almighty I
thank Him, and I will hope that time will teach
me to be patient and devout like you.

If Pelham would but get into office, and give
me something to do, it might be an occupation,
if not an amusement, to me now. I could post
the ledger of an apothecary or a haberdasher; I